I am grateful to be part of the Possibility Management Parents Village and I wanted to share my experiment.

Some weeks ago I attended Rage Club Extended whereas for the first time I did 3-3-3 initiation. With the experience I had from the whole event, I really wanted to bring at least some of it home to my 4,5 y.o son. I told him about the upcoming morning-practice already previous evening and in the morning he was sharp to remind me that we can-not forget this in our rather busy morning. So yesterday morning we did our first introductory rage practice with him. I set the space up with mattress and pillows. We started by standing on the side of the mattress and bowed to each-other as this is honored space and we are the warriors here. We kneeled on the mattress facing each-other and I set the frame that we will be expressing anger and that it is good to be connected to this feeling and know how to consciously use it; in this current practice we don’t feel anger towards each-other, but we have space to express it; we don’t hurt each-other and neither ourselves. I asked what are the ways he knows, how he is “usually” expressing anger – he couldn’t really think answer to that. I brought examples and told that I will be loud and using the pillow to hit with my hands. I gave space for questions and clarifications and I was glad and surprised that he was setting his boundaries about the sound (he is sensitive to sounds and we agreed that if something – like my voice – is too much, there will be a signal that we can recognize and pause) and needs regarding clothes he was wearing. So with some adjustments we were ready to start.
My own reflections were that, as we entered the space to do it together simultaneously, we were checking on, on each-other. Me as a spaceholder for him in this experience and he was observing me a lot. I would experiment with this doing it one by one and integrating giving feedback for each-other. I observed that this first time for him and not yet really knowing how to connect to the source of anger, it takes a lot of energy, so within seconds, he just wanted to take a break. He clearly was into this “play” as he took a spaceholder role in the break to guide me through a balloon-breathing and counted start for the next wave. I made a video of the process and can see that he was not fully going for it as it is so new. I want to keep doing this practice and follow his journey to connect to his anger and embody this.

Today when I asked him to leave bath he got angry and growling at me, since it was clearly too soon for him. It was great chance to give feedback and refer that this is his anger and I encouraged that he can connect to this next time we do the practice too. He smiled and seemed excited about it.

We will continue our journey.

If you want to practice your anger with me then join me in Fear Club or ask for any other offer!

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